Pay for content that works, not the stuff that doesn't.

Hey, we're Kaddie.

Glenn’s dream foursome:
Tiger, Greg Norman, Bill Murray, and Winston Churchill.

glenn maddocks

Mike’s dream foursome: Bob Dylan, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, and Sarah Dusman.

Mike Dusman

Silvia's dream foursome:
Erykah Badu, Conan O’Brien, Bernie Sanders, and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Silvia travesani

Madeline’s dream foursome: Sally Ride, Evgeni Malkin, Frank Sinatra, and Noam Chomsky

Madeline seitz
brand architect

Jarrod's dream foursome: Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Cash, Mom, and Dolly Parton.


Divot's dream foursome: Eeyore, Donkey Kong, Nick Bottom, and Donkey (Shrek)

Fearless mascot

Meet Divot.

He’s a 500 pound fighting machine. Strong as an ox and faster than lightening. Like a bank that uses a lion to depict strength and confidence — we chose Divot as our fearless mascot for the same reasons… well, not really. Here’s the real story:

1. Take a Camper van

Mike and Glenn are buddies who love golf. Having both worked in the ad industry for decades, work chat would often spoil a nice 18. In 2017, Mike ditched the security of a paycheck to start his own production company — out the back of a Campervan, whilst filming a trans-America running project. He ended up in Kayenta NM, out of his mind and out of gas. But along the way, he’d accumulated more than just a flat tire, he had a new short-film to boot. Around the same time, Glenn had ditched his career with the big multinationals, thinking the spin of his own startup would be less taxing than the spin of broken agency promises. And if dealing with clients wasn’t stressful enough, he decided to work with VC funds instead.

2. Play Some Golf

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Mike and Glenn walked up the 13th — a par 5, 605 uphill into the wind, if you must know — Mike lamenting the madness of the independent production game, and Glenn waxing lyrical about the VC guys who literally put their money to anything, but marketing.

3. Add Some Beers

As they got to the top of the hill, parched and dehydrated, the drink cart appeared like a sign from the heavens. It was to deliver magical ice-cold Coors Light. You know, the screw-off-tops where the logo on the can turns blue if the temperature is just right? Well, that little blue icon wasn’t just a sign of perfectly cooled swing juice, it was a lightbulb. “What if there was a way for creators to get paid when their work – worked? And what if companies could save cash for media, rather than paying for content upfront and then hoping like hell that it…worked?”

... and you get kaddie.

From that hole forward, we set out to build a model like Spotify had done for music – but for branded content. And like golf, we wanted to bring the same values and integrity to the game of content. No hidden fees. No surprises. And plenty of mulligans if you need them. We had a simple idea to make better content without the upfront fees – and let clients pay when they used it. Kaddie was named for those that carry the bag. We do well, when you do well, kinda thing. At Kaddie, we think of content as one of the clubs in your bag of marketing tricks. Oh, and back to our favorite donkey, his goofy ass carries us all.

Everyone should have access to world-class content, without upfront agency fees.

We believe creators should be paid for content that works.

We built Kaddie to promote compensation for work that performs and paired it with a network of world-class artists, animators, designers, and creators.

We’re always expanding our network and would love to hear from you.

Jordan Hasay at race