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A better way to pay for branded content.

At Kaddie, we put our money where our mouth is. We don’t charge upfront fees.
We create branded content, you pay when you use it.

Promote content that performs.
Don’t pay for stuff that doesn’t.

We use data to inform what works and what doesn’t. Promote assets that work the best, and stop paying for the stuff that doesn’t.

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Reduce media costs.
Reach more customers.

Digital algorithms like high-performing content. The stronger your click-through-rate (CTR), the cheaper your media cost (CPM). Create content with Kaddie, and you’ll reach more people for less.

Kaddie model vs. traditional model graph

The more you spend, the cheaper your impression charge becomes.

We make your content for free and apply an impression charge as you use it. The bigger your media budget, the cheaper your content becomes.

What is Kaddie Branded Content?

It’s the difference between an off-the-rack suit and a fine Italian tailor. We don’t do stock footage, meaning we work together to make your content truly bespoke.

Promote Now.
Pay Later.

Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to promote your business first, and pay for marketing after it’s generated revenue.
Not before.

When you sign with Kaddie, your brand will flow into our six-phase process.



We conduct a two-way deep dive into your brand and the specific objectives of the content.



We develop and present 2-3 content approaches that creatively address your objectives.



We plan your production by outlining all details; from talent and locations to schedules and scripts.



We shoot, design, animate, record, and bring your concept to life.



We edit, share and revise your assets based on one round of feedback.



We retouch, color, and render all assets for deployment and deliver them through the Kaddie App.

How we charge.

We view content as a data charge. And like Media, we charge when customers see it (CPM).  Bundle your production and media dollars to create a more powerful marketing machine.

Your branded content

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Need content for non-paid channels?

We know branded content doesn’t just live on paid advertising platforms. So we apply our pay-as-you-go philosophy to licensed assets as well. We make your content for free. You pay when you download it.

Tired of all your marketing line items?

Kaddie allows you to bundle your production and media costs to boost your budget and enhance your ROAS.


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Streamlined production

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