"Here’s a bigger media budget”
Said no brand, ever.

We believe in media-first.

Wish your clients spent on media first, not last? From budgeting to content strategy, we believe media should be the heartbeat of a marketing campaign, not an afterthought. 

Combine the power of content & media budgets.

We make branded content. You drive media strategy. Our pay-as-you-go model allows brands to put their budget to media first and content later. We partner with you to bundle our impression charge with your media CPMs — creating a more powerful digital advertising solution.

Kaddie works like a data charge.
Not a land grab.

Like media, we charge a CPM for the use of our content. We pull from trusted 3rd party metrics to determine content performance. Brands pay for assets that drive results, and discard assets that don’t.

Kaddie model vs. traditional model graph

Reduce the overall cost of media. And reach more customers.

Digital platform algorithms like high performing content — so much so, that they charge brands less for it. By creating branded content with Kaddie, you’ll end up reaching more people for less cash.

The more media spend, the cheaper the impression charge.

We make branded content for free and apply an impression charge as customers see it. Kaddie content becomes more cost effective the more you spend.

Five reasons you should switch to pay-as-you-go branded content.

Our pay-as-you-go model allows brands to use content as they wish. Pay for assets that are driving results. Discard those assets that don’t.

  1. Improve cashflow
  2. Drive sales quicker
  3. Reduce media costs
  4. Optimize faster
  5. Create more for less

How we work.


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