There's a better way to pay for branded content

Agencies ask, "What’s your budget?"

Why? Because they want to spend it. If you’re interested in a partner that’s compensated based on results, we have a custom designed solution for you.

Promote content that performs. Don’t pay for the stuff that doesn’t.

We make branded content. You pay when you use it. With Kaddie, your branded content becomes a variable cost tied directly to performance.

Rethink your static media budget.

Fixed creative costs are out of step with the dynamic nature of other digital marketing expenses. Our pay-as-you-go model transforms your marketing budget into a dynamic ROI machine.

The more you spend, the cheaper your content costs.

We hate the whole concept of fees. That’s why we make your content for free and charge a usage cost on the backend. And like media, we charge per the number of people reached (CPM). We think of it as a data cost that directly comes from your media budget.
Kaddie model vs. traditional model graph

Reduce media costs.
Reach more customers.

Digital algorithms like high-performing content. The stronger your click-through-rate (CTR), the cheaper your media cost (CPM). Create content with Kaddie, and you’ll reach more people for less.

How we work.


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